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Your fitness. Your life

We love Saigon. It is a dynamic city, full of delicious food, great people and opportunities around every corner. But it’s not always easy to stay fit and healthy here, which is where we can help. Our mission is to make Saigon an even better place to live, by making it a fitter and healthier place to live.

Saigon Fit is a registered personal fitness training company. It was set up by professional trainer Andy An Nguyen to get Saigon in shape. It successfully welcomed international clients at all levels of fitness, and has been praised for both its group and individual programs.

Saigon Fit – Our holistic training approach

At Saigon Fit, we design specific training programs based on the information gained from the first meeting/consultation, fit-test and health check. All fitness programs are customized to help you achieve your very own personal fitness goals. To keep each session fun and interesting, we will make adjustments to your training program to challenge and improve your physique. At the end of each session our trainer helps you stretch and warm down to ensure your body recovers quickly and safely.

Our specific training programs:

Saigon Fit Trainers– We are experienced, fully qualified and specialize in:

  • Functional training
  • Gym body building training
  • Yoga & Pilates
  • Martial arts
  • Boxing/ Kickboxing
  • Plyometric training
  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

Why you need Saigon Fit

Training with us, you will always feel motivated because we work together to achieve your fitness With 17 years training experiences, we had 579 successful clients with 29750 happy sessions delivered by now. We strongly believe that you will be happy with our professional services.

Your satisfaction & happiness is our successful!


our mission

To contribute to clients’ health and fitness through our strong commitment and professional approach.

To cooperate with clients to achieve outstanding physical results, leading to healthier lifestyles.

To take care personal fitness of expats and their families as well as all of CEOs in Viet Nam

To be the most reliable and professional training company in Saigon, Viet Nam

Our great mission is to make Saigon an even better place to live, by making it a fitter and healthier place to live.

Founder - Head Trainer
Hello, I'm Andy. I'm a personal trainer based in Saigon. Your commitment and desire combined with my passion will definitely lead to the results you want. Let's make impossible possible!
Andy An Nguyen
Founder - Head Trainer
Fitness Trainer
Hello, I’m Dzuy Truong, a certified personal trainer based in Saigon, dedicated to getting people in great shape & improving their lifestyle. Let’s do it and do it now!
Fitness Trainer
Boxing, kick boxing trainer
Boxing is all of my life. Training with passion for house wife to business person, for kids to adult and very flexible in time scheduling. Contact us Saigon Fit
Boxing, kick boxing trainer
Andy An NguyenFounder - Head TrainerDZUY TRƯƠNGFitness TrainerQUÝ LÊBoxing, kick boxing trainer



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