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Effective Weight loss

We have seen many people exercising with terrible form doing the same thing over and over with little to no results and soon lead to injuries. Now, It’s time for you to get the job done and see big changes by focusing on ours efficient ways of burning fat.

Feel sexy and healthy
Look slim and attractive by losing unwanted weight
Live a confident life

With the Effective Weight Loss, you get a total approach to your goal. We will take you through the whole process including evaluation, weekly programs, professional personal training, diet planning, group classes and even an AquaFit session that will improve your health, help you lose unexpected weight safely and keep it off.

Class Trainer

Andy Nguyen

Founder – Head Trainer

Saigon Fit

  • Andy is certified master trainer Power Plate, national fitness training He holds a BSc, HCMC University of Physical Training and Education. Participated in naltional fitness training workshops in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore
  • 17 years experienced in fitness training and coaching.
  • Personal Training for the CEOs, their associates and families, including:


Class Information

Time: 3 months
TimeFrame: Monday - Sunday
Certificate: Professional