10 tips to keep you motivated


  1. Change your exercise routine every 14 days.

A study in University of Florida has  found  out  that people who modified their workouts twice a month were more likely than to stick to their plans compared to those who changed their regimens whenever they wanted to. Boredom didn’t appear to be a factor; it seems people simply enjoyed the variety more.

  1. Skipping vital meals is not a good deal.

We’re not talking about breakfast but rather the recovery meal after your workout. So many women skip post-exercise nutrition because they don’t want to ‘undo the calories they just burned. But getting a combination of 10 to 15 grams of protein and 20 to 30 grams of carbohydrates within 30 minutes of your workout will help to refuel your body, promote muscle recovery, and build a leaner physique.

  1. Brain workout brings better result!

There is a huge difference between doing the exercise only and truly thinking, feeling, and engaging the key muscles . But mindless exercise makes all your hard work forgettable—and you can forget about seeing results too. Be conscious of and enjoy the sensation of your muscles contracting and the feelings of growing stronger and more powerful with each rep.

  1. A goal should be smartly S.M.A.R.T

Goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. But too specific is not  a  good choice . Having a range, such as losing five to 10 pounds, may lead to a more successful outcome than if you aim to lose precisely 8 pounds in four weeks, according to a study published in the Journal of Consumer Research. Flexible goals seem more feasible, which in turn boosts your sense of accomplishment, encouraging you to stay driven.

  1. Hold on tight!

Not being able to do a pull-up doesn’t mean you shouldn’t step up to the bar. Simply hanging on for as long as possible can improve your upper-body strength.  Concentrate on keeping your body as still as possible, and you’ll naturally recruit your abs, hips, and lower back in addition to your arms, she explains, or slowly move your legs in circles or up and down to further engage your abs.

  1. Never packing your bikini away!

Packing  away your two-piece  in the winter  means you won’t think about how you’ll look in it until summer . Avoid any potential “how did my butt get this big?!” panics come  by keeping your swimsuit handy and putting it on every weeks to make sure you like what you see. You can also toss it on when you’re tempted to overindulge. There’s no better way to keep yourself from having that after-dinner cookie or slice of cake.

  1. Keep it fun and challenging!

The reason most people don’t see changes isn’t because they don’t work hard—it’s because they don’t make their workouts harder,” says Adam Bornstein, founder of Born Fitness. His suggestion: Create a challenge every time you exercise. “Use a little more weight, rest five to 10 seconds less between sets, add a few more reps, or do another set. Incorporating these small variations into your routine is a recipe for change.”

  1. Full ranges make full rerults

It doesn’t matter how many pushups you can do in a minute if you’re not doing a single one correctly. There is no point in performing any exercise without proper form. Perfect your technique, then later add weight and/or speed. This is especially important if your workout calls for performing “as many reps as possible” during a set amount of time.  Choose quality over quantity, and you can stay injury-free.

  1. Any single effort serves celebration

Long-term goals are imperative, but they can make you feel overwhelmed or discouraged at times. Instead of thinking about how many dress sizes smaller you want to be in four months, focus on small everyday victories. For example, “Today I am going to eat breakfast, fit in a workout, and drink more water.” Stay focused on the present, and your future will be successful.

  1. Find yourself a reliable trainer

Find a fitness trainer not only keeps you accountable, he also may help you clock more time at the gym and torch more fat. A British survey of 1,000 women found that those who exercise with trainers tend to train thirty six minutes longer and burn an extra 141 calories per session compared to solo fitness fanatics.

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