Group Class 


Saigon Fit Group Class is a high intensity group fitness session. These one-hour sessions are held in the gyms listed below and comprise a full-body workout to increase strength whilst burning calories and boosting metabolism.

They are open to all abilities and ages, and no pre-booking is required, although it helps if you do.

If you are interested in coming along for a free trial of a Saigon Fit Group Class session first, just contact us and we will give you details and sign you up.

Saigon Fit Group Class is all about having fun and getting fit. Join in at whatever level you are, and get to know the people around you who have come along too. This is a great activity for those who have recently moved to Saigon, or who are looking to meet people in a fun and healthy environment.

We are providing our Saigon Fit Group Class Services at Xi Riverview Palace, Estella and Sky Garden

For further information please contact us!


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