Fitness in the workplace

Healthy companies require healthy and efficient employees.

Get involved in the company fitness concept with the Saigon Fit Corporate as your partner! You will certainly benefit from our company fitness program.

In the future, a company will not only achieve competitive advantages through the development of new and better technologies. Human resources will become more and more important. A “healthy company” is without doubt a better company.

The size of your company is not a concern to us. We are a competent contact for any questions in relation to occupational health management for small- and medium-sized enterprises as well as larger companies.

Company fitness developed together

As a leading fitness provider in Saigon, Saigon Fit Corporate has already been cooperating successfully with several companies. We support employees in achieving healthier lifestyles.

We will compile a tailored fitness package for your company, from an initial assessment to sustainable support and realisation measures.

Companies which invest in health promotion in a professional way achieve measurable results.


Benefits for companies:

• Reduced absence due to illness and corresponding

  ancillary wage Costs (absenteeism)

• Increased performance

• Motivated and enthusiastic employees

• Building up of an in-house health care system

• Reduced staff turnover

• A pleasant working environment

• A positive corporate image


Benefits for the employees:

• Motivation, appreciation and team spirit

• Greater vitality and well-being

• Increased loyalty to the company

• Valuable prevention checks carried out by highly qualified personnel.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for information about corporate health management and business cooperation.


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